Our Monrovia Plumbers Offer Money Saving Water Heater Tweaks

Our Monrovia plumbing contractors Our Monrovia Plumbing Contractors install new water heatershave several suggestions to help you save money on your water bill every month. If you own a storage style water heater there are several things you can do to make it run efficiently. The number one enemy to efficiency in a water heater system is radiant heat loss. By using all of the following tips it is possible to improve water heater efficiency over 77%.

Alt Text Check the Thermostat. A faulty thermostat may result in the tank cycling through various temperatures instead of maintaining a constant one. It might also result in dangerous over-heating that can cause a tank to explode. If you suspect that the thermostat is bad, call one of our Monrovia plumbing contractors to repair or replace it today.
Alt Text Adding an insulated cover to an existing tank can prevent up to 45% of radiant heat loss. we replace and repair faulty water heater fixturesAdding a rigid insulation board beneath the tank can result in another 25% savings. If you are running a gas unit, make sure the insulation is heat and flame resistant and only install it after the pilot light has been blown out.
Alt Text Placing insulation around your hot water pipes significantly reduces the amount of heat loss as hot water travels from the water heater to the tap. This allows you to turn down temperature on the water heater and maintain the temperature output at the tap. For every degree the heater is lowered this is about a 7% energy savings.